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Fiera Cavalli 2011 in Verona, Italien
  • 3.000 horses representing more than 60 breeds,
  • 1400 children from local schools open the 113th edition,
  • 153.000 certified visitors from all over the world and
  • more than 12% from 25 countries,
  • more than 600 exhibitors and
  • hundreds of events, exhibition, competitions and more about the horse world,
  • an impressive 11 dedicated rings totalling more than 20,000 square metres
  • with grandstands offering more than 15,000 seating places free of charge.

Four days - 3-6 November 2011 - hallmarked by excellence, enjoyment and passion. Just 4 days boasts more than 600 hours of animations, competitions and performances open to the public.

Since 1898, Fieracavalli has made its name on the national and international market as a landmark for excellence in the valorisation of equestrian traditions and as an exhibition of the most innovative trends and most avant-garde trade sectors.

And as an innovation for the Italian equestrian public was the presentation of the breed Mangalarga Marchador!

Together with the president of the newly founded Italian Association of Mangalarga Marchador A.I.A.M.M. Mrs. Tiziana Ricci and her family as well as with the help of Domingos Lollobridgida Jr. we presented the five vitrine stallions Norte do Conforto, Apolo do Salto, Patek de Maripá, Urano de Maripá and Ourofino ElFar as well as the mare Barbara Caxambuense which is Tiziana Ricci’s mare.

The stallions arrived on November 2nd at 10.00 pm. They entered their boxes and started eating hay. They behaved perfectly calm, without nervosity – just like fair routiniers. We exercized them a little bit in the afternoon and showed them the fair ground. Those stallions are not afraid of anything anymore. They are curious and brave in any situation!!!

We had the chance to present the horses two times per day in two different rings. Domingos Lollobridgida Jr. and Leonardo Ricci made the announcements and the explanations about the breed. We showed the stallions in the formation with the music “Girl of Ipanema” and “Mambo No. 5”.

The Italian people were excited about the Mangalarga Marchador’s beauty, temper and the Marcha gait.

After the presentation in the rings we rode with the horses in the roads between the halls which were very crowded. People stopped us asking questions about the breed of Mangalarga Marchadores and where they could get information about them. We informed them about the MM stand in hall 10 stand No. G4. Unfortunately, it rained a lot and so we could not ride outside the halls as much as we wanted.

Interesting for us was also the fact that the Italian riding szene is dominated by men. Im comparison to Germany where 80 % of the amateur riders are women in Italy 90 % of the amateur riders are men and many of those men loved the Mangalarga Marchador.

Domingos told us that they collected more than 50 addresses of interested people. Some were so much interested that they wanted to buy a horse within short time.

The vitrine stallions helped a lot to get the attention of the Italian public. They are beautiful, professional, calm, comfortable with a great character. All that was very obvious to the people and we are thankful for all the support for this great vitrine project and we are thankful for the wonderful character of the amazing vitrine stallions!

This also happened:

On November 6, 2011 at 15.25, as he was leaving the arena after his successful jumping round: Hickstead, the horse ridden by Canadian Eric Lamaze, suddenly collapsed. The veterinary services were immediately in attendance, but unfortunately the horse was already dead. Veronafiere, Organising Committee, were fully supportive of the request of the riders not to continue the competition and would like to express their affection and love towards one of the greatest horses in the history of the sport and his rider Eric Lamaze. A minute‘s silence was held in the arena out of respect.

Nachfolgend können Sie sich einen visuellen Eindruck der Vorführung der fünf Vitrine Hengste auf der Fiera Cavalli in Verona machen: